All of the below services are available for house calls. Listed below are our most common services. If you do not see the service or med-ication you require, please let us know and we will be happy to ac-commodate you and your pet in any way we can.

House Call Fee ($50)
The fees are charged as follows: House call fee + services performed (please contact us to ask for a specific service if you do not see it on our list) We are happy to provide estimates upon request.
*There is a $10 referral discount for every new friend you refer to PPMVP that schedules their 1st appointment.

*****Please have all pets easily accessible at least 30 minutes prior to the time of your appointment. Cats are especially adept at hiding when they do not want to be found-having pet in small area before hand will expedite the visit.

Payment Methods Accepted: Cash, Credit, Debit, Venmo.
3% Processing Fee added to all cards.

Exam Fee:
$41 wellness/vaccine visits
$55 illness/sick visits

Dog Vaccines: $15-$38 (depending on vaccine)
Cat Vaccines: $15-$33 (depending on vaccine)

State Law requires that all pets are up to date on Rabies vaccines regardless of indoor/outdoor living status.

  • 1 year Rabies: $15- all animals >15 weeks with no prior proof of Rabies receive a 1yr
  • 3 year Rabies: $25- any animal with prior Rabies proof re-ceives a 3 yr vaccine

Heartworm testing: $20
FIV/FELV (feline viral testing): $43.50
Fecal Examination for intestinal parasites: $10

Pre anesthetic bloodwork (Optional for pets <5 yo): $48 CBC: $40 Chemistry with Electrolytes: $75

All surgical procedures include anesthesia, monitoring, 24 hour pain control, and surgical nurse. Pets over 5 yrs old will be required to have preanesthetic bloodwork to evaluate liver and kidney val-ues as this is how all of the drugs are metabolized.
All pets will be sent home with 3-5 days of pain and inflammatory medications depending on procedure.

Cat Spay: $175

Cat Neuter: $140

Dog spay 0-25lbs: $190
25-50lbs: $225
51-100lbs: $250
Additional charges may apply if pet is in heat.

Dog Neuter:
0-50lbs $145
51-100lbs: $170

Discounts for multiple pets during same day appointment

$150-200 depending on severity of dental disease. Extractions are additional.